ART 2Q4 strives to achieve excellence in service and customer satisfaction. We greatly value our clientele and appreciate Letters of Endorsement, especially when we are able to view an ART 2Q4 artwork in its new environment. We say thank you.

Dear Eleanor

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the painting I purchased at the Christians Against Poverty fundraiser. The way you have used so many different and yet similar colours is amazing. I have painted a feature wall in my bedroom in a dark turquoise colour and the purples in your artwork look great on it. I wanted to buy new bed covers to match my new wall decoration and was amazed to find how many colours were actually in it. So many purples and gold tones that I was totally amazed when I spent more time studying it. I found a bed set with a number of different shades of purple and then made some cushions to go with it. I have enclosed a photo for you to see what it looks like. As is often the case, the photo doesn’t do justice but I hope you get the idea that I am really happy with my bedroom décor!


With thanks
Candace Humphreys